Feed has bugs big time.


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I have had birds my whole life and buying feed is nothing new. If there were “signs” of bugs in the feed, I would throw 5 or ten pounds in the freezer and no more bugs. Now that I have chickens, I have a concern and I need some advice.

The last two 50 pound bags of feed that I have bought have been infested by weevils, and there are obvious signs of worms/moth larva too. This infestation is disgusting, and I am worried about the nutritional value, and how it may affect my chickens. When I look at the grain, it all seems to be moving. And, yeah the chickens look at me funny like when I put this in front of them.

I have tried to find other places to buy feed and the nicest place only wants to carry medicated feed. I am not crazy about that and I do not need organic. I just want plain laying mash.

I thought about saying something to the store. The store is clean, it just that I do not want to alienate them. I am already struggling with carrying 50 pounds of feed and most places will not carry 25-pound bags.

If I had a standalone freezer, I would pull myself up to my full six feet four and just “toss” the 50-pound bag into the freezer. I lied, I am only 5’3”.

I'd take it back. You are paying for fresh feed not feed infested with bugs. The bugs are eating the feed and then pooping... not what you are paying for.
If you buy a 50lb bag they should put it in your car for you.
Exactly. This is the feed store's problem and it could really harm your girls. If you have to, bring a trashcan and pour the feed into it at the feed store to ensure you just paid for good feed. If you see anything suspect, ask for the manager to dispose of it his/her way, until you get a good one. We have a feed store I won't go to because they look at you like you're a lire if you have an issue with their feed, the others are great. Only had 2 bags of moldy feed before, but it's enough to lose a customer if they don't handle it right.
I would take it back, too. Try to see if you have a co-op in your area. They mill and package the stuff right there in the facility. Our local one is really an organic dairy co-op, but it seems they process and sell mostly chicken feed, LOL.

If not, see if you can order some online or through another feed store. I pretty sure if tell them you are interested in organic or non-medicated feed these other stores may stock some.

If either of these are a no go, you can try mixing your own feed and even try to see if you can get it milled. Milling isn't really nessecary in my opinion, but some people think it is easier to digest. Here is the recipe I have used http://www.greenerpasturesfarm.com/ChickenFeedRecipe.html. I leave out the barley, peas and lentils and add DE (it keeps down the insects), red pepper powder and a poultry nutritional mix.


P.S. When I have made this mix in the past, I have seen moths in some of the grains. I use human grade grains from the grocery store and health food store. Now, that is scary.
The last bag of feed I tried to buy from the co-op had mealy bugs in it. I took it back. I'm paying for fresh feed.
The date should be on the white strip at the top or bottom of the bag.
Take it back! No explanenations needed. Show them the feed. It seems to me that they have a problem. I have never bought buggy feed from the feed store. They will be more then happy to exchange or refund your money.
They don't want bad publicity. It's too bad you can't find another supplier. Are you using starter feed? Most stores around here don't carry medicated feed.
Just keep checking around.

Oh and don't wait too long to return it. They may try to blame you for the bugs. Also before you exchange it or if you buy it next time, open the back at the store to make sure there are no bugs. After all you want to be sure before you get home.
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Whether we like the thought of it or not we eat bugs all the time. That is just a reality. They lay eggs and they are too small to see. When left under perfect conditions then we see the results.

Human food/grains and such, if tested at all…. are allowed so many bugs or eggs per a predetermined amount. If the count is too high then that sample and that food is rejected. If not we eat it. Chocolate is one fine example. This is how we evolved and there is usually no harm done.

I guess I have to bite the bullet and talk to my store or find another supplier who is more responsible.

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