feed inside or in run?


11 Years
Sep 6, 2008
North Carolina
Hello. We're designing our coop and were wondering if the food and water need to be inside where the hens roost at night or can it be outside in a covered run that they can access all day?
Since your run is covered I'd keep your food and water hanging outside in the warm season,then bring your water inside during winter.I leave their food outside in winter to make sure they get outside in the fresh air and free up space in the coop.That's just what I do.I use an electric fount heater under the waterer inside.
I personally have mine hanging in the coop. When I put my little girls in with my big girls, I will put a feeder and waterer in my covered run.

I have water in both palces and the feed is outside under my covered run. I had it in the house but it is in a big feeder that holds 100 lbs and the feeder is large and by taking it out, it had another four feet so we know what that means. LOL

Edited to add: Cmom, love your coop!
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