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    I have a endless supply of fresh shell corn,soybeans,and i would like a good rate or percent of each i should mix or grind up for them .I buy a pelleted feed from purina called layena also .I want to mix all three together in a good mixture.any ideas? I also give them a calcium supplement too.I just mix about 50% cracked corn,25% cracked soybeans,and 25% purina pellets right now and they seem ok but I also was wondering about do i full feed them through the winter or limit them and if so how much per day.thanks. Also I was wondering if anyone had a cheap idea for a water heater system i live in iowa and it gets cold.
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    I'd say, that's too much corn. Reduce the corn to about 15%(Perhaps 20% in winter) with more layena and oyster shell and you'll do great.
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    Most feed mills provide and sell a package to be added to your mix of corn and soybeans to make a complete formula and even give you the recipe of ratios that allow you make a layer complete feed. Hubbard Feed for example:

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    Quote:If I had "an endless" access to corn, I'd not bother buying Purina Layena. It is so expensive. You have the main ingredient, corn. You simply need the vitamin, amino acid, mineral pack from a feed mill, as stated above. Very jealous!!!![​IMG]

    As for inexpensive waterers, the light bulb in a cookie tin works for a lot of folks here. You can search endless threads on that by searching, using the specialized google search bar, upper right. It searches here, within BYC only.

    I personally just use a couple of the large, heated dog dishes. I don't bother putting the water into the dish, I just set a small plastic pail, like an old icecream bucket into the dog dish. Have a few of these and all you need to do is take out a new bucket and swap it out.
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    The soybeans need to be roasted or boiled, but I bet you know that.

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