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    I have 23 Guinea birds, 9 ducks, and 45 chickens. I know that the feeding requirements are all slightly different in the amount of protein they should each have. I had been getting their feed at TSC Nutrena non-medicated 16%.
    It was suggested to me that I should try the local feed mill, as it would save me money on feed and I could get the % protein I wanted cause they would mix it for me.

    I told the gentleman behind the counter that I wanted a 14% feed. When talking to the gentlemen on the dock they told me the feed is usually a 10%, 12% or special 16% feed that I mix, and that they just mix it based upon what they are told to put in the mixer and couldn't tell me if 14% is what I got.

    So my receipt says 120 lbs. of grain or hay crushed (ground) they charged me $.01 total $1.20, 120 lbs of shelled corn used in a custom mixed batch of feed charged .0799 total $9.59, 30lbs of Purina Country Acres Poultry Concentrate .15092 total $13.53. The total order was for 150 lbs of feed. I hate to say it but it looks like corn meal, no real crumbles.

    My flock is attempting to eat it I think, as I see them pecking at it. However in three days they haven't eaten what they normally do, as I have only had to fill the feeders once in three days and usually have to fill at least every other. My birds to free range either half day or all day depending on if I am home. I do provide scratch, white millet, wheat, and meal worms to get them in the coop at night.

    Is there any way to truly know what I got as far as protein % goes is my first question? Second question is something that fine alright to feed my birds?

    Thanks for your responses in advance!
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    The change in feed is why they have decreased. Usually birds don't like change in feed and they will drop in consumption. Also of it is finer than what you normally feed they may end up wasting a lot of it which is not cost effective. Custom mixed feed is a science and is beat left to professionals but there are some calculators online to help out with mixtures and proteins if it is something you want to take a crack at.

    The fineness of the feed is ok as long as they are willing to eat it. Generally people don't feed super fine powdered feed because of the waste factor. They waste more than they eat.
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