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    Mar 11, 2017
    I had been feeding my pullets medicated chick feed mixed with 20% to try and wean them off easy. Well I had poured the bag of Med feed into a metal bucket to keep the mice out which I always seal the lid on and it got warm. Well I opened the lid without thinking and fed them it for 2 days after that. Come to find out today it had an odor of kinda metallike fishy but didn’t look off. I trashed it but had already fed them some of it. Was there anything potentially harmful that will hurt my birds or does that just occur when it gets hot. I know botulism comes from decaying food as well as other problems.
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    It's good that you tossed the feed.
    Metal can sweat, so possibly the feed got damp and rancid, hard to know. Try storing the feed where the temp is more stable or in a different container?

    If there's any feed left in feeders, dump that too (wash the feeders if they are dirty). Moldy or rancid feed is not good for them. Provide them with fresh in date feed and clean drinking water.
    If no one is acting sick, they are probably fine.
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