Feed Store in Summit IL has chicks!


8 Years
Jan 1, 2012
Chicago area peeps...I went to check out "The Feed Store" in Summit yesterday, just to see my local resources for when I get my chicks in Spring. Much to my suprise they had about 50 of the cuttest little fuzz balls already in store! I wasn't ready to commit this early in the winter and have chickens inside my house until it warms up outside. I'm toughing it out and waiting until the end of February. This was tough! Leaving after seeing them but I made myself. Tthe guy at the store was great. I'll be back for many future visits!
Belmont feed store will have a lot of different breeds the middle of February. They are on Facebook and that is where I seen the list of breeds. It is kinda early to get them. They grow so fast and I would not want to send them out to the coop with cold temperatures.

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