Feed store: shameful!!!

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  1. kareninthesun

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    Jul 1, 2011
    I've gotten a few chicks from feed stores, great stock, nice service, but the following was awful!

    I found a new feed store, and decided to try it out. Drove 20 miles to where it was at. In a longer version of an old fashioned strip mall, the kind that started maybe in the late 1930's. Lots of character. Not bad at all. What separated each large building was/is a wall, so they are all connected.

    When I went inside, I was the only customer. The only employee I saw was talking on a cell phone, leaning against a chair. He did acknowedge me with a hi, them back to his conversation. I pretended to look around for two minutes, then had to interupt him talking (it was a private conversation, the other party and he were discussing spending money and how he had none to spend). After telling him what I needed (chicks, and he never lowered the phone) he pointed with his free hand towards the back of the store. Me being a smart girl figured that that was where they were, and left his fading voice in pursuit of chicks. None found, but I did find an doorway and stepped inside. There was a stack of brooders, the top two with babies. There were also cages, all cages holding adult chickens, either as pairs or single. One large cage was overfilled with cockatiels. Now, cockatiels aren't all that messy, but in and around this cage it was terrible. The adult chickens: they all were in cages simular to battery chicken cages, no room to move more than half a step. No room for stretching wings or even opening them. I peered into their food and water dishes. ALL food dishes were empty. All the water dishes were nearly so. Unopened bags of food were underneath some of the cages. The bottom of their cages and the floors were messy, again, knowing that chickens aren't coveted for their cleanliness, but this was nasty. There were no windows in this room, so no natural light. The electric light bulb wasn't bright, maybe a 60 watt. When the employee wandered in (still chatting) and asked how many chicks I wanted, he opened the top of the brooder then walked out of the room, talking...talking. I waited a minute, two...keeping my eye on the brooder, then closed it up and followed his voice out from the back. When I found him at the front, two people came in, a girl wearing a tank top, tats running up and down both arms and a guy. The guy looked at the employee, then me then back at him. Asked (while he was talking on the phone) for permission to assist me. Another nod. The new guy asked what I wanted (no intro's, no manners) and then walked back to the other room. I followed, though wasn't invited. He asked me how many I wanted, then said he was going to get a box, and be right back. He did. Scooped up the chicks, closed the box, asked me if I already paid for them. Could have lied, but didn't. I asked him about the adult birds and find out that they take back unwanted ones. Then he handed me the box and walked away, talking to the girl. Both were employees.

    Soooooo I walk to the front, find the customer service desk, and the phone guy still chatting behind it. Using his free hand and talking, he hand writes the bill, takes my card, does his thing, hands it back. Not one word to me. He never opens the box to verify the count. I could have stuffed a whole bunch more in, or cockatiels. No thank you's, no come backs, no nice to have you here...three employees...and it didn't occur to me until a few days later, but when returning chickens, shouldn't they be in isolation first to check on their health? Isn't there something regulating the size and condition of their cages for some sort of happiness?

    Doing research on this place, for many years it was run by a different owner. It was very popular, and a fun place to be. But when he retired and sold it, the new owners kept the name, and it moved twice. Looking onsite, other complaints strongly think that the employees are chemically challenged, and a few even said they thought they were running drugs through there. It's so darned sad, and makes me angry!!!! It seems to me that if someone actually purchased a business that they were interested in developing it, both as part of a community and profit, especially if there is a well known and loved name behind it.

    I left there feelling like I helped the chicks escape, and also felt like the unwelcome relative that showed up on the doorstep for an extended visit. I wonder if it would do any good to talk directly to the owner?

    I have NEVER EVER writen a bad review of something in my life, and believe me, I hit a couple of sites where one can do so on this particular store...
  2. sutillman

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    Feb 27, 2009
    south georgia
    The first thing I would have done was call animal control. Certainly not good living conditions!
  3. kareninthesun

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    Jul 1, 2011
    {smacks head} I should have thought of that earlier. Will do it now....
  4. Roccomanchickens

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    Apr 15, 2011
    Carroll, IA
    [​IMG] Terrible but all too common story. It's getting harder and harder to find good help. My local feed store is owned by a couple that doesnt' have any employees, just for these reasons. Take your business elsewhere and keep the word of mouth advertising going. Sorry you had to see that.
  5. mom x 1

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    Jun 1, 2011
    Poor chickies, no food, no room to move and only a little water. [​IMG] How long does it take to give them some food and water? Glad you called animal control!
  6. sanctus7

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    Dec 23, 2008
    Yes yes...call the local health department. Most have codes regarding sales of animals.
    We inspect pet stores in our county.
  7. luvinmychickens

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    Jun 15, 2011
    I wouldn't have bought them. If there buissness went down, they would probably close. But I would feel really bad for those little peeps! Calling animal control was good of you! It seems similar to pet stores selling dogs....... They aren't treated nicely.... What a shame!
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