feed to 5 months old chickens?


9 Years
May 25, 2010
I am new to the chicken business but what should i feel them during the winter as it is closely approaching. I can get my hands of a bushel of corn or soybean relatively. Like i said i am new anything would help. All I have been giving them is chick feeder.
I feed my young birds all purpose chicken feed from the feed store here in town. I do know that corn by it's self does not have enough nutrition by it's self. I don't know about the soybeans. Others here should know more about the soy.
Corn etc, is fine as a daily treat but flock raiser is best til they start laying. Then switch them to layer feed. I do feed corn and lots of other veggies, fruit etc but as a treat each day in addition to flock raiser.
I also provide oyster shell for the older gals who are already laying.

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