Feed & Water inside or outside the coop?


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Apr 13, 2014
They say there are no dumb questions but I aim to prove them wrong.
We have 6 chicks ready to go into the new coop/run we built for them. It's all 100% caged in and well protected, the Fort Knox of coops (we Hope). What's the better idea, setting up the feed & water inside the coop when it's closed at night? or leaving the feed and water outside in the run with the coop door open at night? Or is it ok to leave the feed/water outside when the coop door is closed at night? Hope this makes sense? Thanks for your replies.
Agreed - they don't eat or drink at night anyway. I keep my food and water outside in their run and close their pop door at night. With them only using the coop for sleeping and laying (when they are old enough) and the installation of a poop board under the roost, the coop stays 10 times cleaner! I'm working now toward figuring out exactly how much food is the right amount for daytime, so that by the time night rolls around their feeder is empty or close to it. Um, the chickens didn't read that chapter in the book, but we're working on it.

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