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    Jul 19, 2015
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    I currently have two 6 week old chicks that are housed in a large dog crate that is in with my coop so my two full grown hens will get accustomed to them. Right now I am feeding them (chicks) the starter/grower feed and will be soon switching to the Grower/finisher, so my question is that I do not want to keep the chicks housed in the dog crate until they are switched to the egg layer feed , so someone at Tractor supply told me it was ok that when I switch the chicks to the Grower/Finisher it is ok for the adults to eat this and will continue to lay eggs, and then once the chicks are of age to switch them all to the layer. Is this correct . That I can give the adults the grower/finisher for about 6-8 weeks then switch them back to layer to accommodate the chicks.
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    Mar 10, 2016
    That would be ok, or you could just continue to feed them all a non-medicated grower or all flock layer even when they are laying eggs. Just make sure you have a separate container of oyster shell out (for the layers).
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