no one heard of this feed? here is what is in it
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Is this put out by Faithway Feeds? I've heard of P&P but never used it. I think maybe my feed store has P&P but not sure if it's chicken feed. Many people don't like feed that doesn't contain any animal protein because chickens are omnivores. However, if yours free-range then that might not be such a big deal. If this is a Faithway product, I've heard that their pellets are extremely high in salt. On this bag, salt is pretty high on the ingredient list so you might want to keep any eye out for any detrimental changes in your chickens' looks/health, which might signal too much salt.

Went to your web site...and your chickens look great in the pictures you have. So if you are feeding them this, it is an endorsement. Regarding the previous poster, some of the chicken books I have say never to feed the chickens meat. Isn't it facinating all the different approaches to chicken rearing. I think I count all the bugs that mine get as their meat.

Today I bought 50# of 20% protein - Flock raiser---and the cost was $17. So your feed is definitely far more economical. I keep looking for the 'perfect' feed. But end up with a starter from the bag, and add some of the ingredients I think will make it better, in addition to their free range and other supplements.

Thanks for posting.
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D&S Farms :

no one heard of this feed? here is what is in it http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g55/ropeman99/feed.jpg

Yes, I have used this & still do sometimes. They carry this & the 16% layer From Faithway Feeds at a local feed & seed which is just down the road from me, so it's very convenient when I'm running low of chicken feed. But, I prefer the Tucker Milling (both Faithway & Tucker Milling are local around here). But, I do get this. This is all that my chickens ate last fall & winter as far as their main feed ration.​
~ Layena VS. Faithway~
Layena: 0.3 - 0.8% salt
Faithway 22% 'Super' Layer: 0.3 - 0.5% salt

Faithway has less sodium/salt than Layena.;)
I use Faithway 22% 'Super' Layer myself, and have had wonderful results.:D
Yes, I have when I had birds in bad molts. I used to run a few bags of that through the flock.

Good feeds, though I prefer Tucker Milling. Their feeds never seem quite as dusty. I like that Tucker Milling still has the animal protein in them!

To clarify, Tucker Milling makes the 22% as well as Faithway. Excellent feeds.
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