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    Aug 23, 2008
    sidney, ohio
    Is poultry developer/layer, crackedcorn, wheat, and oats good to feed to chickens because once i swicthed them to it they havent layed for about 3 weeks any ideas why?
  2. Has anything happened to upset their schedule? I feed mine laying pellets, was using crumbles but they left to much of it in the feeding trough, I switched to layer pellets, and let them free range from about 3o'clock, I usually give them some bread every day for treats,and they are still laying every day. I'm not real chicken savy somaybe someone else is, good luck. marrie
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    * Mind a few questions?? How old are the chickens, how many are there, how long have you had them, last molt, if any-- and, um, any other disruptions/behaviors, or changes besides feed and, oh yeah, have you scoped around for egg-hiding places??

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