They need to be on starter until 8 weeks.

If it is starter/grower keep them on it until 20 weeks or laying.

Don't give layer crumble or pellets until laying (or right before laying, say at 20 weeks).

Give them oyster shells on the side when they start laying.

Give them grit (Cherrystone) if they won't be free ranging and can't find gravel in the soil if you are going to feed them treats or whole grains.

You can give them scratch in small quantities but don't do that when they are very little as they really just need to grow.

Grass clippings 1 inch long are fine for them early on, but they need chick grit if you are going to give them that (or sand if they are still tiny chicks).

Older hens I give grass clippings 1-2 inches long- good for them!

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