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The first one is a chicken tractor (portable, bottomless chicken pen) and the second is a coop and run together (not portable).

From looking at them I don't see anything wrong with either one providing you don't put too many birds in them. I will suggest you do not use chicken wire (poultry netting) for protecting your birds from predators. It's OK for keeping chickens out of stuff, but not substantial enough to keep out a determined predator. Use hardware cloth or welded wire.

You might try looking at some of these tractors:

You'll get plenty of ideas I'm sure.

Well... I didn't really want a tractor as I will be free ranging them most of the time so I guess I'm more for the second one... It's just so expensive to build.
Welcome to the chicken world I guess
There's no rule you can't let birds out of a tractor to free range them. Many of us do. If one otherwise suits your needs then build a tractor and use it as a stationary coop.

Ive seen them and heard feedback from a few folks who built the permanent one--they love them! The consensus was to make the pop hole come from the side wall down to the run and not the bottom of the henhouse for extra floor space and prevents shavings going into the run. You can also make even more floor space by having the nest on the outside as well.
Yes check mine out I modified it to fit my needs. I have a post gone to get opinion on how many chicken will live in it, run will bw attached post is called " Chicken Townhouse "

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