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10 Years
Mar 13, 2009
Northern Kentucky
I was hoping to get some feedback on the packet for my council people. I borrowed very heavily from Chickens For Montgomery, who I think borrowed a lot from C.I.T.Y, but I am not sure. In any case most of the work isn't mine. The council meeting to decide the fate of my hens is this Thursday.
Here is the report

here you can see my story in the notes section if interested.
Thank you for this info - I was just telling my husband that I wanted to propose something to our village which currently does not allow chickens - this is a great wealth of info and will help me get started - thanks for sharing!
I've been working for elected officials for 20 years. Your packet won't get read by most of the council. It'll get looked at, but won't get read. You should make bulleted or bold face statements with detailed text below. That way they can leaf through and see your points and then read for more information on that particular point. To be honest with you, many people that serve on a city council or planning commission, etc. do not even open their packet until they get to the meeting. If you make your presentation in person, give them a outline of your proposal with no detail and cover the detail in your presentation.
Jaj, thanks for your feedback. I have to say I am pretty saddened by that. I dropped them off at the city building on Monday, they got them Tuesday and I thought they would actually do their job and read the facts. I have put the most important info into my speech. I hope it's enough.

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