Feeder Project


7 Years
Oct 17, 2012
I decided to build my own feeders for my flock. I put together these feeders BEFORE I got my flock so my thought process is a little different now. What I was thinking when I build them:

1. I would build 2...1 for the coop area, and 1 for the pasture. Now I realize that I really only needed 1 for the 30 birds I got.
2. Big enough to hold a lot of food to limit refilling them. Now...they will hold 100 lbs of feed..which is fine but it takes 2 people to move it around. Right now I'm only feeding what the girls will eat in 1 day, so the huge capacity is useless to me at the moment, hopefully it will come in handy later.
3. In hind sight...I would add adjustable legs so I could adjust the height of the feeder.

One lesson I'm learning with my flock is sometimes what I think will be good for them is not necessarily the case, experience is an invaluable resource.

Wow cool, that is an awesome feeder! How long did it take you to build it? and how much did it cost for the supplies?
Good post, Thanks for posting!!

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