Feeders and Waterers for Silkies?


10 Years
May 18, 2010
What do you use? I use a nipple waterer currently that's at the height of the big gals...what should I use for the little ones when I get them?
Chick waterers for the little ones(keeps them from drowning)--you can buy these at Tractor Supply and most feed stores. They're the screw on kind? Look like this: http://www.mypetchicken.com/catalog/Feed-and-Water-Supplies/Chick-Waterer-Plastic-1-quart-p299.aspx

use the large kind for my adult silkies--they have hooks on them so you can hang them if you want--I just set mine on a short concrete block in each pen. I use rubber bowls for the adults in the winter---makes popping out the frozen waters much easier! Hope that helps!
I used small low bowls for chicks until they are about 3 weeks old, then they get the regular quart waterer with the red base.

I only put feed in dog bowls like the ones below. They start with the small ones and go larger as they grow. Even all my adults use these. With their large crests, it's just too hard for them to find a one inch rim around a regular feeder...plus, I found a chick's vaulted head stuck in it one day (chick is fine) and we took them all down and changed over. We like it and they do too.

Being in Florida, we cannot have a feeder full of feed anyway. As soon as it warms up even a little bit, it would have mold within 1-2 days. So we feed them twice a day and make sure that the feed is safe to eat.

I just use the cheapy rabbit waterers for chicks. Like the nipple waterers. For chick feeders, we made some gravity feeders out of Nesquik containers.
Hmm, alright. I'm trying to think of a way to have water for the silkies without the big girls drinking it all. They already hate the nipple waterer and will literally drink the water droplets off the edges of the run before they drink from the nipples.
None of my bigger birds seem to be able to use the rabbit ones, these are the 32oz ones with the ball inside the barrel. $3 something at Wal-Mart. The chicks can stick there beaks in and move the ball, but the older ones get to a point their beaks are too big and curved to work them well I think. I have a Silkie broody raising some chicks right now. There's a rabbit bottle low for the chicks and a pop bottle fount higher for her. I've seen her bend down and bite the outer barrel a couple of times, but she isn't getting anything from it. To get the tip of her beak in to operate it while it's that low, she'd have to twist her neck around and have her head upside down. I think the only thing I'd like better is if I had the ones you can topfill. Not worth the extra $5 for me though.

I've never seen any of my adults able to operate one though, the ball in the barrel kind, even those who used them as chicks.
No, those I use regular poultry nipple waterers, auto watering cups and pop bottle founts depending on where they're located. Easier to keep clean and no head dunking.

The ball and barrel rabbit ones, I've never seen a grown bird successfully operate, LF or bantam. Some somewhere may be able to, but mine can't seem to work them. Sorry, I thought you meant Silkie chicks in with older Silkies.

What are your nipples attached to now? Nipples and watering cups can both be used with hose/flexible tubing to allow for easy height adjustments.
Right now they're just screwed into the bottom of a small bucket hanging from the ceiling. There's also a larger one outside in the run that is also too high for a little bantam. Maybe I'll move the big one inside and get another plant stand that's bantam height.

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