Feeders - what do you use?


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Jul 30, 2009

I really appreciated the responses to posts. We are trying again with a second flock, a little larger than the first one. As we get this flock going we are making safety improvements to keep raccoons and opossums out. I also have a larger coop and I having fun figuring out how to set things up.

It seems there is a large variety of arrangements for feeders. What do you use for feeding your chickens? Post a picture if you have one handy.

So far I am using a standard 12 lb metal hanging poultry feeder from TSC. I am considering adding a second feeder, we have 17 chickens and they get fussy trying to eat at the same time. Also I am going to add some sort of lid to this one. A couple of the Ladies like to sit on top of it and poo in the food.

Thank you


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Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
I have two plastic hanging feeders, from the feed store, I think. The top is open but the chickens don't sit on it. The sides are angled and of course the wire to hang it goes across the middle; I guess there is no place for them to get a hold of the lip. I have 18 chickens, and they would crowd each other badly if there weren't two. Simple to take down to clean or whatever. If one breaks I'll try to find the same kind.

I'd rig up a paper plate or SOMETHING to keep the poop out of the feeder you have.


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Oct 5, 2010
I too had the delema of figuring what was a good idea for feeding and keeping the ladies happy all the same...TOUGH!!! First I used the metal troth from TSC, but that only worked when they were too little to tip it over. When they grew to adolecents... they'd tip it over as soon as i set it down. So then I put together a more steady troth...I usd an old rain gutter, and built a wooden 'case' around it. I used a wider board on the back to make it weight more in theory it'd be harder to tip over. The problem Im finding now is some of the ladies like to sit on the back of it at night an poop in it!!! My brother inlaw got his hand on an old tank feeder so Im gonna try to see if they'll transition to using that...poop in the food bothers me even if they don't seem to mind. It seems like what ever avenue you take...there are pro's and con's!!!

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