feeding 3 yr old hens

Teresa Lundquis

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Jul 23, 2016
I'm new to chickens and have had my 3 plymouth barred rock hens 4 days. The rest of the flock went to the processor with previous owner.

I'm excited I have received 2 eggs so far. I had heard that hens can lay past 3 yrs and I'm betting it has to do with care and nutrition. Exactly what care and nutrition I don't know yet. I'm reading as fast as I can. Any thoughts? They have organic soy free Ranchway feed ( looks like powder) and oyster shell.

I read peanut butter but any clue how to get it into them, just on a plate, mix with a bit of grain? How much?

Also I am thinking of making a PVC pipe feeder and giving them free choice grain and a separate one for oyster shell. They seem to make a mess of the feed bowl when they scratch. I worry with 2 x a day bowl feeding they don't get enough. These hens are grass hopper control as well as pets and if I get eggs that's nice too.

They have only ever had a waterer hung shoulder height and they make a mess with that too. Do people change water daily? I hope to try the nipples. I think the hens are smart enough to learn.

Do older hens who lay less need different protein/calcium needs?

We are still getting acquainted but I'm thinking 2 eggs in 4 days means they are feeling ok. They had a lot of changes to get used too.

This is what I do for my hens.
I feed layer pellets, Oyster shell, scratch grains every other day as a treat..Lots of free range time. Fruits and veggies.
I just use a standard waterer and yes Chickens need fresh water Daily as they like cool water the best. Helps with egg production and keeps things moving like clock work.


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