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    Hi everyone, im not sure if this question goes here or in feeds, so please move it if necessary.

    I havent been able to find much info about this case.

    Basically, my broilers are of age and weight for slaughter, however it will be a few days before they are slaughtered and sold. My question is : is there any good technique to greatly reduce their feeds?, since im gettin payed a fixed price despite the weight, from this point on all the feeds i give to them are technically a money loss for me.

    What are your opinions on this?

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    I don't know... Cracked corn might be the cheapest thing you can find. It will add some fat to them but if it's only for a few days it might be the best cost option. :idunno
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    Broilers can be a little tricker health wise than dual purpose birds, but I supplement my dp cockerels with corn and scratch the last month or so. Recently I was trying to stretch my regular feed until my next shipment came in, and they got mostly corn and scratch. Butchered two and they tasted great. The rest are healthy looking and active.

    I have no idea if they might have lost a bit of weight on this, that would be of concern to you. and I don't know if the low protein would effect the broiler's health in any other way, sorry.

    Remember, most folks fast the birds for a day before butcher, also....

    Do you moisten the feed at all? You might try that, they'll eat a bit less.

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