Feeding and watering system that lasts a week?

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    Jun 23, 2011
    I hatched some coturnix quail egg a couple weeks ago and I made a mistake. I fell in love with the darlings. They give such good cuddles and are irresistible. I was planning on selling them all, but I've started toying with the idea of keeping three. This summer I'm going off to college and will leave home Sunday night and get back Thursday night. I've been looking up different ideas for feed and have found a good idea, I just need someway to attach it to the coop. But where I get stuck is what to do for water. Maybe fill a bucket with water, attach tubing, and then run PVC pipe with nipples attached into the hutch? I'd want several watering systems in case one fails. My mom mentioned before, when I had an chick with a slipped achilles tendon I waited to long to fix, that maybe she could take care of them while I was gone. So I probably can convince her to check and make sure they still have feed and water. For the winter I'll have to figure out some way to heat it though, no way is she going outside 5 times a day to replace frozen water.

    The only issue I'm thinking of, is that my parents won't want to be tied down to the house if they want to go on a trip. I'll be home every weekend, including the fall and spring semesters, so I can refill feed and water.

    Is this an absolutely horrid idea? If no one is around from Sunday night to Friday night (for fall and spring semesters) for a week will that be a big risk? Has anyone had success or horror stories when they tried something similar?

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