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Discussion in 'Quail' started by Tonya, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Hi im going to hatch some quail out for someone and was wondering if I could feed them the medicated chick starter for a few days untill they all hatch and the person picks them up and feeds them the game bird food I just dont want to buy some for the short time I will have them but dont want to harm the either Im sure this has already been answered on here somewhere but I didnt see it anywhere. Thanks Tonya
    Also any pointers on hatching them would be great I just planed to do them like chickens i understand that they are 23 to 24 days till hatch.
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    What type of quail will you be hatching....incubation times vary for the different types of quail.
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    if it's 23 days it's probably bobwhites or californias. They really should have a high-protein gamebird starter right from the get-go - ie 26% or higher to 30% because they grow so fast that a couple days is actually quite a long time for a baby quail. if that is absolutely all you have then for sure, it won't harm them, but try mixing in some mashed up hard boiled egg to the food to boost it a bit.]
    Good luck!

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