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    I'm new to the meat birds (I'm used to my layers!), this is my first go-round. I have a few questions concerning feeding. I currently have 27 red rangers (started with 30 and lost 3 to shipping stress) and 6 Cornish X (purchased today from tsc because I was curious and looking to replace my lost rangers), they will be in tractors with about 2.5-3 sq ft per bird (though I might separate the Cornish if they need it or don't thrive). I know I will need to butcher the Cornish first.

    What level of protein should I look at feeding my birds and do the Cornish require different levels than the rangers? My local feed store has anywhere from 15-26% protein available (apparently the local 4h kids favor the 26% but it seemed excessive to me). At what point will I take them off chick starter?

    Also, what should I be looking at to finish, or do they stay on the same feed all the way to butcher weight?

    I'd welcome any other pointers too! My birds are all 2-8 days old right now but I know they'll be out of the brooder before I know it!
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