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    Jan 31, 2008
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    I have 3, 16 month old hens housed together.
    I have noticed that they were a little bit light in weight when I moved them to their new run/coop. I'm going to go ahead and worm them and stop some of the "low cal" treats they have been getting (a lot of fruit in the form of berries and water mellon)

    I also noticed they were not "eating" all that well (layer pellets)

    so I did go head and order wormer just to make sure that is not the issue. that should be here early next week.

    I also picked up a bag of purina flock raiser and filled a feeder with flock raiser. they LOVED it (more than the layer pellets)

    they have free choice oyster shell.

    On top of this, one has started a molt.

    Is there something better I could add to help with calories while at least one of them has started going through a molt?

    or does
    1 a plan to worm them
    2 free choice layer pellets (purina)
    3 free choice oyster shells
    4 free choice Flock Raiser (purina)

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    Sounds like you have everything covered other than checking to see if you have a mite problem.

    What are your eggs like? Hard shells? Formed properly?

    Do your hens ever get out to free range?

    I'm agreeing that it sounds like they may be getting too much in the way of treats. I would stop or severely limit all goodies for a while and just get them back into eating the chicken food. Then, just offer a treat on occasion. It could be that they weren't eating their layer pellets because they were getting so many treats?

    Good luck.

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