Feeding Confusion!!


14 Years
Nov 8, 2007
Lafayette, Indiana
I am getting chicks from our Rural King today. I am getting 25 MEAT BIRDS, a couple of ducks and a few turkeys. They will all be housed seperatly.
What do I feed the meat birds the first couple of weeks? How much should they get per bird per day? How much and when do I increase their feed?
What do I feed the baby turkeys and ducks? I don't trust advice from the people at Rural King. I have just heard too many different things.
Can anyone help me?
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Well, for chicks, you can feed them either medicated chick starter or regular chick starter. If you choose the medicated, that is for the first two weeks of feeding--also, ducks should not have medicated because it's bad for them.

Now, I buy Dumor products, and they have a chick starter/grower that you can feed from day one up until the pullets start laying eggs.

Also, they say you don't need grit if you're feeding crumbles, but I always supply my chicks with chick grit too. I just sprinkle some into their food each time refill the food dishes....kinda like sprinkling salt.

I'm sorry but I don't know what to feed ducks and turkeys. I learned alot just by reading the labels, which is exactly what I'd do in your case.

Good luck to you! Hope everything goes just great for you!

I know that meat birds need high protein to build up muscle, something like 22% or more protein content. They need access to food 24/7 (and water!).

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