Feeding cooked egg yolks.

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    My dad eats a lot of eggs everyday, but he has to cut out the yolks from his diet. Is it safe to feed these to the chickens on a daily basis? We have about 20 chickens, and they would be sharing six cooked yolks a day.

    I'm wondering if continually eating the yolks will have the same effect on the chickens as it does on humans (high cholesterol).

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    I can't imagine an average of 1/3 of an egg yolk every day harming your birds. If you're worried it's too much, give some to the cats. They'll love it!
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    I looked it up, and vets say yes, they CAN eat it! It is a wonderful protein. It is recommended to maybe add other things...ground up raw cabbage, the egg shells ground up with milk or water in a blender, leftovers, tomatoes, any veges really... stir in a bowl and serve! They will enjoy the treat and you will know they are getting more than just that yolk. You COULD freeze raw yolks and cook at a later date as well so it wouldn't be a daily thing. Just an idea.
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