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    so i have 2 diff aga groups of chickens 16-18 weeks outside and 3-4weeks inside. can i use the dumar chicken grower finisher for all of them and just supply the older chicks with oryster shells? once the chicks reach 8 weeks they will be moving outside with the big girls =) just want to know if i can have 1 type of food instead of 2 diff ones.
    thank you
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    Feb 5, 2009
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    That would probably be fine; a lot of people use flock raiser and offer oyster shell separately.
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    I put 2 week old chicks outside in a little "nursery" area in the run. At 4 weeks old I let them mingle with the 10 week olds. The babies ate the grower the big girls were eating for a week. they are all eating flock raiser now. Been on it for about 2 weeks. They all like it and are healthy.
    I also have 4 Turkeys the same age as the chicks. So there is a feeder with the 28% turkey starter. They all eat that as well. Everything seems good so far.
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