feeding extra eggs to meat birds


6 Years
May 5, 2016
Orange county NY
I'm just wondering if feeding extra eggs to meat birds is a good idea for the protein.
I collect lots of eggs everyday and usually feed them to my hog. She loves them fried lol. The hogs were the reason I got chickens. It's cheaper to feed chickens than hogs. The chicken eggs are to add to hog feed.

I'm thinking about 1 egg for each bird a day.Will that be too much protein?
We boiled our quail eggs and fed them for years with no ill effects. You should be fine with meat birds. I would be careful with breeders or layer flocks thou. Just because if they figure out eggs are good to eat, you wont get any! We crushed the boiled eggs up good and they would almost wrestle you for them!
I have done it. I hard boil them and crush them shells and all. I reduced my layer flock this year, so I don't have surplus eggs. However, last summer I fed 100-200 hard boiled eggs per week. It did lower my feed bill a bit, but to be honest I didn't really track it. I mostly just didn't want to waste the eggs.

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