Feeding Flies and Using Fly Attractant

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    May 20, 2012
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    I'm interested in trapping flies and then feeding them to my six-chook-strong pastured laying flock. I don't have a fly problem, but where there is feces there is the occasional fly, right?

    I found the below year-old YouTube video (see the 1:45 minute mark) describing feeding chickens flies that were attracted by some type of commercial, insecticide-free attractant.

    In the video he doesn't specifically mention the brand, but here's an insecticide-free example that I found at my local TSC.

    My question/problem: While the TSC product is safe to be around humans and animals, it isn't safe to be ingested by humans (or animals, I presume, but they don't put that disclaimer on the package). Therefore, I'm reluctant to use any commercially available attractant to bait flies to feed my layers. I'd like to use a safe alternative, like this. Trapping pests and feeding them to my chickens seems like an easy way to supplement their feed while eliminating a minor annoyance.

    Are there ways that you collect flies to feed your flock? Any best practice tips would be welcome.
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    I don't collect flies. Nevertheless, I would wonder if the nutritional value of a fly justifies the effort to collect them and feed them to the flock.


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