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Nov 8, 2018

We are adding 2 new pullet Bantams (about 7 wks) with our existing 2, 11mth old hens.

They free-range in the yard all day, however I just read somewhere that even a small amount of layer pellets can be harmful to the chicks’ livers etc if they eat it as it’s not for their development stage.

I’ve raised the hens Layer pellets so the chicks can’t reach it, but what how do I stop them getting the pellets that fall on the ground?

Are Layer pellets really harmful to the chicks, surely people have different age flocks running together all the time!

Any advice please?
Hello CookieChooky.
Welcome to BYC.
One view is the extra calcium in some layers pellets may be harmful to chicks, roosters and none laying hens.
You'll probably get lots of opinions but a safe bet is to feed a multi feed, or in the US I think they call it All Flock ,and provide calcium carbonate to the layers in a seperate dish.
We keep several age groups (all pullets and cocks at this time) we feed meat bird (21% protein) to all and keep a planter base (for dish) with oyster shell free choice. We have from a few days old up to 15 weeks or so at the moment .
I fed my hens Non-Medicated Start and Grow feed with Oyster Shells separately all summer and fall because I could get a 25 pound bag for my three hens. A larger bag went stale.
I have 10 chickens now seven 12 week olds and just started feeding a All-Flock feed in a 50 pound bag to all. A little less per pound. GC

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