Feeding Gold Fish to ducks


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Yelm Washington
Is it ok to feed small feeder gold fish to call ducks? And if so, how often is good... I couldnt find any minnows so I got the smallest gold fish I could..
It was such a blast watching them go after them in the pool...

If the nutrition is ok, id like to give them that treat on a regular basis..

Also.. what about meal worms for baby calls? I had heard about giving them to mandarin ducklings, so I thought id try it with my calls..

Both of those are excellent treats high in protien and nutrients, so have fun!
My ducks LOVE gold fish in their baths. It's good foraging/fishing practice, it's stimulates their minds, they have fun, and the fish are yummy. Lots of protein and calcium. Be forewarned though- their poop will smell extra bad afterwards, lol.

Here's a video of my ducks chasing feeder fish in the bath tub.... (They won't bother with fish in the kiddie pool, go figure)-
We have put goldfish in their little preformed pond but they don't seem too interested. I'm more concerned about the fish dying during their violent bath sessions! At least we have three "pet" goldfish now. LOL

Oh my duckies loves goldfish in the pool...but with 11 ducks I do it every month....I throw about 100 in there. LOL
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