Feeding mixed age flock


Mar 7, 2017
Pinson, TN
My flock is mixed aged. I have 2 groups that are 5 weeks apart and it is coming up on time to switch the older ones to layer feed. I am confused about if I should keep the older ones on starter/grower longer or start the younger on layer feed early or even mix the two foods. What have y'all done and what is best for all?
I keep the chickens on an all-flock or unmedicated starter/grower and offer oyster shell in a separate container. The ones that need it seem to know to eat the shell and the rest ignore it.
I never feed Layer as I practically always have young chicks in the flock. I offer oyster shell on the side for those that need the calcium for the egg shells. The ones that need calcium for the shells seem to know to eat it while the others don't eat enough to harm themselves.

Depending on the age of the chicks they all eat either Starter or Grower.

if you look on the label of Layer and either Starter, Grower, or Starter/Grower, you will see nutrients that have significant differences, calcium and maybe protein. All the other nutrients are in the same ballpark, no real significant difference. The oyster shell offered on the side takes care of the calcium difference. The protein level is up to you.

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