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    Okay, I have a rooster and 3 hens together right now. One hen is laying, I have no idea how old the other two are, but they have not started laying yet, and the rooster seems full grown. We will also be adding much younger birds to the flock, and they all eat together in the coop.

    My question...

    Should I be feeding them all a regular feed (grower feed?), and have something like crushed oyster shells on the side? Or are they all okay on layer feed?

    I also found this about fermented feed, http://ohlardy.com/fermented-chicken-feed and would like to know if we are supposed to feed them part reg food, part fermented or if you just make the switch completely?

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    Many feed a flock raiser or grower all the time, with oyster shell on the side, and many more feed layer to all. Really, the flock raiser approach makes more sense to me, since males and yougsters just don't need that extra calcium, and it is potentially damaging to organs. Also, if you ever have a broody raise chicks in with the flock, it is necessary to remove the layer feed for their sake. The whole flock can eat their starter chick feed for several weeks, even with amprolium, as it's OK to eat eggs laid by hens eating feed with amprolium in it, since the amprolium basically stays in their gut, or is taken up by any cocci present. It also might be worth mentioning that during a molt, substituting a bag or two of game bird feed might be a good idea, since it contains more protein, used to replace feathers.

    Sorry, someone else will have to help you with the fermented feed quesiton.

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