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  1. yyz0yyz0

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    May 2, 2012
    So fall is approaching and I'm starting to see wild nuts falling from the trees. I have access to acorns, black walnuts, butternuts, hickory nuts.

    Are any of these good for the girls to eat?

    I know I'll have to husk and shell things like the hickory and walnuts but can the acorns be given whole?
  2. Freerange Chick

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    Aug 27, 2014
    Holden, Missouri
    I was wondering the same. Our walnuts and white oaks have lots of nuts. Also we have lots of hedge apples. Would love to know what I can collect and add this winter to their food.
  3. smudge

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    Mar 20, 2013
    Long Island, NY
    I must admit I've never seen mine go for acorns - too big and hard!

    Walnut meats are okay, AFAIK, as are most nutmeats you'd consider eating yourself. And black walnuts, other than the actual nuts. are kind a toxic - but it's not as though you're planning on replacing the coop bedding with walnut husks, so I wouldn't worry. (Personally, I like nuts enough, and they're enough of a bother to get, I'd rather enjoy them directly!)
  4. RonP

    RonP Crowing

    I don't "feed" them nuts, but throw every one I find in their deep litter run.

    I figure that if they don't eat them they might sprout.

    If they sprout, they will surely eat them, nothing green survives.

    If they don't sprout, they will just add to the deep litter.

    A win win win anyway I look at it.
  5. yyz0yyz0

    yyz0yyz0 Songster

    May 2, 2012
    yeah, I agree on the self consumption of the nuts. Just wanted to know in case I had any extra(yeah right) that I could throw to them that it's ok.

    Espcially the walnuts as I'm sure that they can't crack their own so would never get into any of them on their own.

    thx everyone

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