Feeding problems with sour crop


Dec 3, 2018
I have a three-year-old Road Island red that has been in chicken hospital since Saturday. I have been treating her for sour crop. She still isn’t eating or drinking so I’ve been syringe feeding her. Every time I give her any water or liquid food, she stands up tall, stretches her neck and jerks her neck left to right like a snake. It looks like it’s stuck in her throat and she’s trying to get it down. Has anyone seen this before? ( I took a video but it won’t upload on here :( )

Cragg Klefor

Apr 14, 2017
County Kilkenny, Ireland
Hi KirstenR,
If you upload your video to YouTube and post a link to it here that will work.
To me, the movement you are describing is your hen trying to adjust her crop, which would make sense if the poor girl is suffering from crop issues. A video would be great though.

Firstly, are you certain it's sour crop? The following article will help you confirm:

This article is a really good one, has helped me out with a sour crop also:

You said you have been treating her for this since Saturday. Is that when you first noticed there was a problem? How have you been treating it so far?
If you could also tell us what she has been eating that could help too and what her poop looks like (photo's would help a lot here..)

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