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8 Years
Aug 13, 2011
Dallas, OR
I have a flock that is over a year old. This year I also got 5 babies that are eight weeks old now. I am starting to combine all the girls together but I am worried about the feed. Is it ok for the older girls to be eating the starter food and the babies to be eating the layers food? There is also oyster shell out that the older girls have access to at all times. Is this fine or should somehow try to separate the food? Thanks for your input.
The chicks can transfer from starter to grower which has 15% protein. The hens can eat the grower and then the oyster shell can be in a separate bowl. Most folks on the forum say that when oyster shell is offered "free choice" only the hens who need the calcium will be interested in eating it.
what about calcium powder? i have heard it can be mixed in the feed if not using oyster shell. i introduced my 11 wk old chicks/teens to the flock this weekend and keep two feeders - one with layer mix and one with grower mix. i'm sure you can guess where the older girls are dining . . . and chasing the young girls away. i have meat birds coming next week, and would like to work this out before i have to focus on the needs of feeding the newbies.


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