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Aug 15, 2011
We have young toms & hens- (Bourbon Reds), older broad brested bronzes (4H), laying hens, hens not yet laying & roosters. It is a lot easier for me if I feed everything the same feed. Can turkeys eat a higher protien (20% ) layer feed? & if so, at what age, I know that they say not to let chickens eat it before 16 weeks or so because the high calcium is hard on their kidneys, I'm assuming the same hold true for turkeys? My wife insists all the birds eat organic, & so the only thing that works right now is everyone get's the Ranchway (only organic I can get in this town) Chick Grower, & the hens get free choice oyster shell. Everbody seems to be doing well, but the problem is the organic Chick Grower is $32 a bag, & is breaking me. The Organic 20% layer is a little better, $24 a bag. Is there another choice that may not be organic but is guaranteed not to have unwanted additives in the feed? Don't want GMO corn either.


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May 17, 2012
I feed all my poultry the same feed chickens, ducks, turkeys, guineas. I start everyone out on the chick starter and once I have gone through 2-3 bags of that(depending on how many chicks,ducklings,poults I have then they get switched to a 16% feed. I do not feed organic because I do not believe anything is truely organic unless soil and rainwater can be tested for pollutants/chemicals etc, So I refuse to pay extra $ for the name "organic" I try to feed as natural as possible. I would not pay $32 for a bag of feed when I can get good feed for $10.00 at my local feedmill. Look what has happened to Kashi foods some of there products were tested and found to be GMO grains and other contaminates were found and they said they only used orgainic grains etc. I bet if you tested organic feeds you would be surprised at what is found in them. This is just my opinion


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Mar 2, 2011
Wayne County, IN
We really enjoy the Naturewise brand....all my chicks and now turkeys are on it. My layers have improved there rate of production and they have a brighter yolk. Our "meat" chickens seem to have a bit of a sweeter taste.

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