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    Apr 7, 2016
    Hey guys its been awhile since I was on here. This time we have 30 birds instead of three, and are thinking of going into small time business with egg birds and meat birds. Right now i'd like to focus on feeding the ones we have this coming winter (2020) and im hoping to find some input. At the moment they have 1000 Sqft of moving yard on top of whatever we feed them.

    I'm thinking about growing sunflowers, and corn this year strictly for the chickens to help save on the winter feeding.
    1: Are there particular sunflowers and corn that produce the most without being a hybrid? (I'd like to save seeds)
    2: What other food options can be added to the mix? I've heard peas are decent?
    3: What grains are the best to incorporate?
    4: Best Sprouting and/or fermented grain?

    I'm also looking to see if there are bulk grains out there currently that don't have a 75% corn to other grain ratio like Rural King looks to have. They cost 10$ for a 50 pound bag. Which is not bad for a tiny flock but we have 6 ducks added to the mix and they eat their weight in food. So we are looking into bulk grains in the hundred or more pound range at hopefully a slightly cheaper price per pound. Has anyone found a decent supplier? It doesn't have to be organic, as the chickens themselves are not raised on Organic feed.

    Ultimately, I'm looking to increase the quality and get them off of store bought grains owned by big companies, and help smaller more local companies. Mainly because Pellets almost choked a few of my birds to death, and crumbles just look like disguised corn.

    Mills near or around Virginia, Eastern TN, and North Carolina would be amazing!
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    Jan 29, 2019
    Newberry, Indiana
    I’ve added a simple mash table. I would contact your local grain silo and see if they can mix some for you. I have 30 birds (27 RIR, 3 Guinea) and I feed 16% layer feed. It’s cheaper and more efficient than mixing my own feed.


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