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Mar 13, 2013
Kersey, Pennsylvania
I have a Lavender Silkie that is 2 days old. Missing right eye and cross beak. It hasn't started to eat or drink on its own. I've been dipping its beak...What else Can I do? Would a nipple style drinker be easier for it? Please nothing about culling, I am going to give her the best chance. If it doesn't eat/drink soon then yes we will have to, I don't want it starving itself. She is a lot more active today though, peeping at our other 10 day old chick in brooder next to her.

How severe is her cross beak? You can feed her soft mashed food, but make sure the top of her beak stays cleaned out as she may not be able to do it with her tongue if the cross beak is severe, and it would prevent her from getting more food.

I received a hatchery chick with this issue. She was vibrant and tried as hard as she could to get enough to eat, but as she got older and her beak hardened the issue intensified and she ultimately was not able to eat. She never grew very much, and I tried to hand feed her as it got worse, but in the end she passed away sleeping in my lap.

In retrospect, I feel that for all the effort I put into caring for her, my actions may have been more selfish than humane. I'm honestly not sure how I would handle the situation if it were to happen again, but I don't think I would do the same thing again.

I also wondered if I had gently wrapped her beak with vet tape for a couple of hours a day during her first days, if her beak would have been trained closer into alignment. I have no idea if that would have done any good though.

That said, I have read that some chickens are able to live successfully and happily despite the issue. Hopefully your chick will be one of those! Best of luck to you.
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