Feeding Wild Birds


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Feb 12, 2020
Pueblo, CO
@pozees2 'all gray, some chestnut, slight crest' probably nut hatches. I love meadowlarks, but have not seen one around here since I was a kid when they used to nest in the hayfield behind our house.
Sure could be. I thought for a long time it was some sort of Phoebe or Towhee but haven't done enough looking, and I need to try to get a couple of decent pictures of them so I have something to compare descriptions to. We get endless joy from watching them, and have been warned by them and the cottontails disappearing when birds of prey are around.


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May 3, 2009
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Saw a male redwing at the beagle club feeder. We have a swampy area along the East side of the club where a lot of cattails grow. It is a favorite nesting area for the redwing blackbirds. He might be the same bird that has been at my home feeder as the club is only .4 miles away from my home.
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