Feeding your Roo


CA Royal Blues
13 Years
Mar 23, 2008
Oakland, CA
So I have a question.

Up until now I've only had hens, and feeding them was a no brainer. I don't have the acerage to grow my own chicken food so I use Layena from Purina Mills. A few months ago though I purchased 2 Cuckoo Marans from a local hatchery thinking I was going to be getting those prized dark brown eggs that everybody has talked about.

Well one of the chicks turned out to be a she, but the other was a he! They were both from "sexed" pullets-only chicks mind you. Now I had thought about getting a rooster, much later in life though and I really wanted a Delaware. But here I am now with Francois who's turning out to be quite a beautiful and sweet addition to my flock. He's a little flighty but I just keep grabbing him everytime I go into the run. I don't want a mean roo.

So, what do I feed him when it's time to ween them off the chick starter? Layena? That won't negatively affect him will it?

When my roo was a youngster, he ate starter/grower just like all the pullets. Now that he's a big boy he eats layer pellets, just like the girls.
He gets all excited when he sees me bring out the treat (coffee) can till he finds out that it's only oyster shell; then he's like yuck! girl food! He doesn't touch it.

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