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    Jun 3, 2013
    So, I'm all set up to process. Have at least 5 roosters that I wanted to do. Came home from work, waited until they were roosting and went to get #1.(of course right there was my good-natured naked neck that I would love to keep but DH says he flies over the fence too much). So I get him comfy under my arm and he's just looking around,curious. Go to hang him from a string on a hook and my string is too long and his head's dragging the ground. So, back up under my arm he goes and I, one-handed, try to shorten the string. Get him back in it a second time and he flaps loose. Figured I needed a better plan, so guided him back into the run and went inside to look for a better line. By then it's gotten pretty cold out and my nose is running so bad I needed 5 tissues and DH says why not wait until tomorrow and do it in daylight. So, I quit. Closed the boy up for the night and put up what I didn't want to stay out. I do plan on trying again tomorrow, but have a bb game early. (BTW, DH is in poor health and can't lend much of a hand). Wish me luck (and maybe a basketball player to come and help me! he's 8). I have done this before, but those 2 I shot because they were such a pain and wasn't prepared at all, just got a knife and worked on the ground outside with the hose. But, it worked. a big fat fail
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    I'm sorry things didn't work out for you tonight. I do think it was good to wait until your set up is comfortable for you. I have a high hood I use and the birds are about chest height on me. That's just for the bleeding out, then they go on a table and I have a chair I sit in to do the plucking and butchering. Being comfortable makes all the difference, especially when you have multiple birds to process at a time.

    I need a good sunny day, I've got five boys that need to go.....

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