Feeling Discouraged


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Apr 15, 2014
I've been incubating 42 maran eggs. I am on day 18 and have taken the turner out and placed them on lockdown. I haven't been able to rely on candling due to the darkness of the eggs. I have smelt each egg and don't smell any fowl odors. I did have one temperature jump on day 16 and it went from 99.5 to 104. Other than that the temp has stayed at 99.5. I haven't heard any peeping and I'm just feeling discouraged. This was my first time incubating eggs and the kids have been excited since day one. Really hoping these lil guys show some signs of life soon.
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I'm incubating for my first time too and Maran eggs too, in hindsight probably not the best beginner egg for us. All my eggs appear fertile. There's a YouTube video about candling dark eggs and it shows what it is supposed to look like. Like half dark. I have been using the flashlight ap on my phone to candle and it works perfect, I even see veins by the air cell. Good luck. Nothing should happen til day 21 I think.
I was too! My first hatch (a mixture) didn't peep until halfway through 21st day. I was super eager to be sure some would make it, I hope it works out for you!

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