feeling really bad about my sick chicken

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    Jun 20, 2009
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    I thought one of the girls was broody this week because she stayed in the laying spot every night. Its dark when I go to work & dark when I get home so I couldn't see in the coop....just do a head count & check for eggs everynight. Well today is my day off & when I went in to clean the one wasn't broody at all - she had been attacked pretty good. Her head is all bloody & scabbed. I thought she was dead but she's still alive & very weak. I've brought her into the back of the house & have her snuggled in a laundry basket. Just bought some pediatlite & got some into her, cleaned her wounds. I feel just awful - had I seen this the beginning of the week I could have removed her then . On top of her stress we've been in the teens all week - below normal temps. From what I've read on the forums I guess I'm doing everything I can for her (possible shock?). She's a RI red - one of 5 chickens. They're all a year & 1/2 old. This is the first they've gotten really agressive with each other. I'm wondering if it is shock, how long does it last?
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    How is she doing?

    I'd be gooing the wounds up with Neosporin ointment, if only to make them feel better, or maybe you already are.

    Don't kick yourself for having to work for a living. It's not like you ignored her on purpose.

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