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Apr 28, 2009
My 205,400 mile car has the same problems it was having last summer -- overheating. It looks like the cooling system has air in it and it needs to be burped and checked for leaks. I am using my birthday and Christmas money in the hopes I can get it paid for.

Since I can't drive in the 102 degree weather because the engine is threatening to explode from overheating, I asked my dad if he would come down for Father's Day dinner and get his gift. He said no, he wouldn't bother. I said I would try to limp my car up to his place 50 miles away and he said don't bother.

Here's the thing, this is his Father's Day gift...a total surprise...took me 3 months to pay him off on lay-away...


So he'll probably either reject the bird even though he likes MY Green Cheek Conure, or I'm stuck with this extra "surprise" for several weeks until he feels like showing up and then he gets it. I just feel really bad I'm getting blown off like this.


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Feb 5, 2009
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Excuse me? This is your father? Mine has been dead many years -- but would have been horrified if my gift caused me any distress whatsoever!

Buy him a $10 tie, or a cooking set for the grill, sell or rehome the bird, and spend your money where it is needed.



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Oct 9, 2008
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I took it that your father doesnt know what his present is right? Or did you tell him and he doesnt want to come get it? It could be he doesnt want to cause you anymore expense with dinner, etc and said he's not coming because of that knowing your situation.

I think it's nice you worked and saved even at the expense of your own needs, to get him the bird. I do hope it's something your father really will want to commit to. That being said is there anyone who can give you a ride or let you borrow their car so you can go see your dad? Even if it's before or after Father's day? Good luck I hope everything works out for you and your Dad enjoys his present.

Beautiful bird by the way



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Mar 14, 2009
sell the bird... take money and fix your car... when yo have time send him a card. Sorry, JMO


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Jul 9, 2008
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Maybe Dad was having a bad day....
we dont know how Dad is all the time so lets not all jump to conclusions. Maybe Dad has alot on his mind and just isnt thinking at the moment.... sometimes parents keep things from thier kids - and sometimes parents get depressed too. Cut Dad a break

I'd call Dad back and give him another shot - tell him what his present is, that it took you 3 months to pay for it and that you'd really love it if he would come to see you to get it. Explain to dad that you know its Father's Day and that it should be you going to see him (as it should be....it's his day after all) but given your car is broken down, you just cannot manange to make it to him for his special day, but you really would love for him to have this wonderful gift you put so much time and thought into for him.

If that doesnt work and that IS the way your Dad is...then.... you can decide from there on what to do.

Remember though, parents have off days too... just like us kids do
What a wonderful gift for your father.
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