Feeling sorry for hen who seems to be an outcast


6 Years
Mar 5, 2013
Just got our new flock this weekend. All came from same place. One big Buff Orph. seems to be a loner....I feel so sorry for her. At night she is out in the run all by herself, last one to go inside. In the morning when I come to see them, again she is out there all by herself, the other 12 hens don't come outside until I make them by feeding them goodies. She seems to just sit down alot and some of her feathers are gone off her head. Is she sick? Or are they all picking on her? She is the biggest hen and her eyes look good, so I don't know what's up here. I just feel bad for her. Any ideas? They seem to treat her like a leaper...She seems sad.
I do not have any advice. I feel your pain! I also have a hen that none of the other hens want around. If she comes close to the flock they will chase her off. They pick on her at night to try and get her to leave the roost area. It is really difficult to watch.
I feel your pain as well, appletrails.

The description of your new Buff Orpington fits one of mine almost to a 'T'... well ... in some of her actions and appearance, at least. Mine doesn't stay out all night (she has a curfew...
), but she doesn't go into the henhouse until about an hour after all the other hens and rooster have retired for the night. The first night in this henhouse, I actually had to pick her up and place her in it. She certainly appeared as the outcast... though of my three BO hens she is by far the most people friendly of the group, which pains me even more!
My wife actually wants her to become a house pet, but I'm not into that (yet...anyway).

I've only had them for about two weeks and ended up separating them (which has now been 6 days) as described in my recent posting..."A dysfunctional group of feathers". I've noticed an improvement in that there is less pecking on her now which also is aiding in the improvement of her appearance. Her roommate hen also seems to be getting friendlier as well. As these are my first chickens and BO's, I can't say with any certainty that it is because of this separation or their getting used to me and the new environment. Hopefully yours will work it out as well.

I think sometimes we just need to develop a little more patience with our compassion. Certainly, I do! Best of luck!
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