Feet thumping?

Nope.. He will just thump his leg every now and then.. Lol I think he is younger then he looks, because he still has fuzz and small feather which he is always messing with...Thought it was mites but he is clean...???
Is he a chick? If he is seriously having a problem you should post as much information as you can. How old is he? How often is he thumping? When does he thump? Is he walking ok? Is he eating and drinking? What are you feeding him? Is he pooping normally? Any other symptoms?

The more you tell us the greater the chance someone will be able to help you.
He is maybe 6-8 weeks old.. Got him from a friend last night.. I have seen him eat and drink, he moves fine.. he does have a little messy behind, But nothing to bad.. Have not found any bad poops.His tail does seem to be droopy, but could be just not used to his tail feathers( Barred rock roos seem to have alot of long tail feathers) It has been hot lately.
New birds should be isolated for a few weeks to make sure he is not sick. You don't want your others to get sick.

When you do get ready to introduce him to the flock, keeping him in the cage for a few days where they can all see each other is a good idea. That way they get used to each other. Let him out when you can watch them to make sure the others don't hurt him. I've had one bird killed and two others hurt badly by other chickens. You have to take it slow.
I recommend you thoroughly inspect him for lice and mites, especially around his rear end; which you should clean up and use scissors to trim fluff and feathers back if necessary. Now that it is warm, flies could lay eggs on a messy rear end and then you'd have a bad problem with maggots creating a whole new set of problems. Otherwise, if he's eating and drinking normally, I wouldnt be too concerned about the 'feet thumping.'
BT, thanks for the big chuckle.
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