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    Jan 19, 2009
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    I picked up three new chicks today (a Delaware, a cookoo marans and a welsummer) and they are so active and noisy! I don't remember my last batch of chicks (two years ago) bieng this active. They chase each other and peck at each other and are just so fast - my last girls were all sleeping at this age! And they are NOISY! What have I gotten myself into? My last ones came from a backyard breeder, and theese are form a feed store - could that be the difference?
    But boy are they cute! I can't get anything done for checking on them every few minutes![​IMG]
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    Aug 26, 2011
    They sound pretty cute. I've gotten all my chicks from a feed store and we've gotten some speedy ones, and some that don't seem to have much energy. I guess it's just a personality difference. :p

    I was the same for the first few weeks of having new chicks. :love I'm due for getting a couple of new ones to replace our current layers. :ya

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