Fellow BYCer's, need help locating for retireing Military man

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  1. Im about to retire from the Navy and i want to start up a small hatchery but im having a REALLY difficult time finding any land/home with land/mobile home with land , etc...... to start this up. The difficulty is that i went through a divorce and if you've ever been through one (i pray you won't), it does a significant number on you're credit. hence, im stuck with a rent to own or owner financing deal. Doesn't have to be big, elaborate etc.. but decent enough to live in with an acre or up area. No restrictions is a must too due to the hatchery or even ahving chickens period. This will also serve as a place for my children, whom i havn't seen in 2 years due to military committment and nowhere for them to reside big enough. They would come staay with me for a while and thats why im looking so frantically. Im looking in the rural area or NC, Tenn, WV, and Virginia. If you know of anybody selling a place like this and might be willing to take a chance on a military man, please do not hesitate to let me know with contact info. I have only 8 months left to find something so i would like to get it done now, if possible. Thank you for reading my little rant and plea for help and everybody have a blessed day!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ***** i have looked at craiglist, most want to much down, or has restrictions, still loking on there in case this doesn't pan out******
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    Thank you for your service and for keeping the rest of us safe.
    Best wishes the perfect situation to meet your needs opens up for you.
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    Yes thank you for your service to our country. Have you tried sending an ad to some of the newspapers in the states you are thinking of settling in? I have seen similar ads in our local paper and WV AG. Market Bulletin both of which have online sites.
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    There is a house with some land not far from where I live in Lawrence Co TN on the same road. I'm not sure how much they're asking, but it has a Remax sign out front. You may be able to find it on their website. It's on Long Branch Rd in Lawrence Co TN if you're interested in looking for it.

    I was in the Navy also. Only spent 4 1/2 years in as an Aviation Structure/Hydraulic Mechanic. Got out in 2003.
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    Have you considered the Amarillo/Canyon Texas area? There is alot of land here between the two cities and lots of owner financing. Most are for sale by owner, so you literally have to go for drives to see some. There is one man that owns several 5 acre tracts about 5 minutes from Amarillo and 10 minutes from Canyon. All have wells and septic. He is willing do do owner financing with a decent down payment. Outside the city limits with no restrictions. I know there is more, but this particular land is on the road where we used to live.

    We also have a huge VA hospital here.

    Here are some local sites:
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    Well sometimes you just gotta ask the right question at the right time! I am a retired GMC. I retired in 2000 and worked for a about 7 in the Tidewater area after I xfered to fleet reserve. Then I said to my wife, "There has got to be something better." I started searching the internet for old houses that cost under 100,000. I bought a 5 acre farm in South Central Virginia for 50k before the housing collapse. You can imagine what you can get places out here now. Lots to rent too! Do searches in Pittsylvania county, Danville, Halifax county, Charlotte County, etc. You will be surprised at what you find. Feel free to e-mail me if you want to meet sometime and talk. I will be in the Tidewater area for some contract work sometime in March.

    Fair winds and following seas!
  7. Thanks for all the replys, it's really hard to find one, especially in my situation. Just don't want to have to get an apartment due to the fact that will mean i have to get rid of my chickens. [​IMG] [​IMG] NOT HAPPENING!
  8. Amy quilt, thanks for the suggestion about amarillo area. Ive pretty much convinced myself that i won't be going back to TX. I know its the 2cnd largest state but it's not big enough for me and the ex to be in together, if you catch my drift. [​IMG]

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    Have you already used your GI Loan?
  10. Ive already used my VA loan once and im using that as a last resort due to the "lengthy" process it takes to get one.


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