Female Emu Question....


8 Years
Sep 26, 2014
So a random question popped into my head this afternoon, and I was wondering, if i had a single female Emu, would she lay eggs regardless of whether she had a mate or not? I'm guessing no, but just wondering. Also, would an Emu hurt/kill chickens, even if they had been raised with them?
Not sure about the female laying eggs.

But would an emu stomp smaller critters to death? We have had so many accounts of very tame emus -- usually pictured in a hobby-farm setting -- associating peacefully with their fellow critters. So, no. Could an emu stomp a small critter? Indeed.

They certainly can lay eggs (born and bred Aussie, grew up raising emus). We have had to mannualy remove hens from 'sitting', and its way more dangerous then rolling a dad off the eggs let me tell you. If its the only emu on your property, and was raised with these birds, they gennerally won't be fased by them if they have plenty of space, but if you have them in a small enclosed place, yes they will smoosh them

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